Performing bodies, sounds and machines

Marco Donnarumma | peformance art and technology, sound art and body politics


Marco Donnarumma Sound Art Performance and TechnologyPhoto: Ugo Dalla Porta, New York City, US, 2014

“Marco represents the potential and vitality of the new generation of artists.”
Dajuin Yao, Artist and Curator, RPM: Sound Art China

“Technical, compelling and powerful.”
Teddy Lo, Artist and Curator, US

“Donnarumma pushes boundaries.”
Installation Mag, US

“Marco Donnarumma has taken man-machine interfacing one step further.”
Dr. Ahmed Morsy, Deputy Editor in Chief, IEEE Pulse Magazine

Nigredo is a deep, dark look into one’s self”
Kathrin Bucher, Chief Curator, Interim Director at Universalmuseum Joanneum, AT

Nigredo combines some things only the best artworks can do: it uses newest science and technology to create an intimate response, it is still very emotional and physical, and it is definitely an unforgettable experience.”
Alain Bieber, Art Critic, ARTE Creative