Performing bodies, sounds and machines

Marco Donnarumma | peformance art and technology, sound art and body politics


Marco Donnarumma Sound Art Performance and TechnologyPhoto: Ugo Dalla Porta, New York City, US, 2014. License: CC-BY-SA 4.0.

“Marco represents the potential and vitality of the new generation of artists.”
Dajuin Yao, Artist and Curator, RPM: Sound Art China

“Technical, compelling and powerful.”
Teddy Lo, Artist and Curator, US

“Donnarumma pushes boundaries.”
Installation Mag, US

“Marco Donnarumma has taken man-machine interfacing one step further.”
Dr. Ahmed Morsy, Deputy Editor in Chief, IEEE Pulse Magazine

“The striking scenography of Corpus Nil deconstructs the body, inviting the audience to witness the birth of a sonically augmented cyborg creature.”
Prix Ars Electronica Jury 2017, AT

Nigredo is a deep, dark look into one’s self.”
Kathrin Bucher, Chief Curator, Interim Director at Universalmuseum Joanneum, AT

Nigredo combines some things only the best artworks can do: it uses newest science and technology to create an intimate response, it is still very emotional and physical, and it is definitely an unforgettable experience.”
Alain Bieber, Art Critic, ARTE Creative