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Dear friends and colleagues,
After 6 months of winter, we can now warm up our minds with a deserved spring.
Here we are with the fifth mailout April 2013.
This message is sent only every 6 months by hand. Thanks for reading.

sincerely yours,
Marco Donnarumma

Nigredo: a new private work for altered self-perception created at STEIM

How perceptual deprivation can affect the aware distinction between self and not-self? In a small, blacked out room a visitor sits alone facing a mirror, and wired to on-body sensors. The visitor's corporeal sounds are fed back to the body in the form of intense skeletal resonance, high-decibel sound stimuli, and pulsating lights. This constant and intense stimulation field alters the movement of the internal organs and the behaviour of the optical nerves. Watch a video.

New award: Creativity + Technology = Enterprise funded by Rockefeller Foundation

Together with Heidi Boisvert, we have been awarded a 2-years project grant, funded by the Rockefeller Foundation's and the National Endowment for the Arts. It facilitates the realisation of [radical] signs of life, a large-scale interactive dance based on biophysical technology Xth Sense, and the further development of the Xth Sense for the international market. The award is a partnership between Harvestworks, and ITAC, Industrial + Technology Assistance Corporation (US).

[radical] signs of life: a large-scale, biophysical, interactive dance premiere at EMPAC

May 3rd and 4th see the world premiere of "[radical] signs of life," at the Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center (EMPAC), New York. The project addresses the mind’s non-hierarchical distribution of thought. Music is generated from the dancers‘ muscle sounds and blood flow using the Xth Sense wireless biophysical sensors. The same data triggers complex neural patterns to be projected onto multiple screens as 3D imagery which the audience interact with. Project by Heidi Boisvert and a team of international artists.

Ominous, and other incarnated sounds in Graz, Seoul, Amsterdam, New York.

"Ominous", my latest incarnated sound sculpture, will be presented at the Linux Audio Conference, Graz (A), at the annual STEIM Summer Party, Amsterdam (NL), and at the River to River Festival / New York Electronic Arts Festival (NYEAF). Together with my research team we'll present current work at the conference on New Interface for Musical Expression, Seoul, South Korea. The program includes our performance of Liminal Corpus, a new audio-visual piece for the Xth Sense, by Miguel Ortiz, Anna Weisling, and myself. See how to attend these events.

The Xth Sense featured on the BBC

The Xth Sense is a biotechnology based on free software and open hardware. While artists and designers worldwide discuss and develop projects based on the Xth Sense, BBC Arabic decided to cover the story. Watch the video on-line (in arabic) at this link, from minute 15. Thanks to Robots & Avatars for the support.

Biomuse (1990) meets Xth Sense (2010), wrapping 30 years of biotechnology in music

At Goldsmiths, University of London, our newly formed research team, including Atau Tanaka, Baptiste Caramiaux, Alessandro Altavilla, and myself is looking at the creation of new musical instruments that bring together biosensing technologies, spatial sensors, and custom artificial intelligence methods for a corporeal performance of sounds and music. Our most recent publication documents an early instrument that combines different biosignals for music performance, bringing into one interface the Xth Sense and the Biomuse.

Past Events Highlights

Poland Tour : 4 performances and talk
STEIM, NL : Residency and workshop
TEI Conference, ES : Performance and workshop
Panorama Festival, BR : 2 performances
ISCM, World New Music Day, BE : Performance
ISEA 2012, USA : Performance