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Dear friends, colleagues and peers
Winter is knocking at our doors, at least here in London.
Hoping you are all warmer than I do here, please find below sixth mailout October 2013.
This message is sent only every 6 months by hand. Thanks for reading.

humbly yours,
Marco Donnarumma

Nigredo wins second prize at TransitioMX 2013 New Media Art competition

Nigredo is a private installation for altered self-perception and biophysical media. It was awarded with the second prize in the TransitioMX New Media Art competition. TransitioMX is the most important platform in Mexico for the expression and analysis of contemporary practices in artistic creation in electronic media and digital culture. This year theme was ‘biomediations’, a term that encapsulates life’s own inherent dynamism that unfolds at environmental, social and cellular level. Nigredo was created with Marije Baalman at STEIM. Watch the video teaser.

RPM Sound Art China: biophysical concert at Shanghai Biennial

"RPM: Sound Art China" is the first survey exhibition of Chinese sound art in the world. I've been invited to perform a concert of biophysical music for the Xth Sense along with Alva Noto, Dj Qbert, Merzbow, Jaap Blonk, Edwin van der Heide, RBIT, amongst the others. RPM is a large-scale historic event showcasing the present condition and history of sound art in China which in the last ten years has been producing amazing results that deserve worldwide attention. Complete info and line up.

The Xth Sense: from the stage to the market

We, Heidi Boisvert and yours truly, are delighted to announce have been awarded a second grant from Harvestworks and Rockefeller Foundation (NYC) which will be used to bring to the market the brand new Wireless Xth Sense and distribute it via common online retailers. We will be developing API for easy interfacing of the Xth Sense with artistic, gaming, medical, industry-standard interactive platforms and stand alone software/hardware at a low cost and with open licenses. Keep an ear out for us.

Hypo Chrysos double performance at CYNETART Festival / Metabody Project

"Hypo Chrisos", my action art piece for vexed body and Xth Sense biophysical instrument, will be performed twice at the CYNETART Festival. This international festival aims to broach the issue of how information technologies change the perception of the body. This year's edition is in collaboration with the interdisciplinary European project Metabody; a 5-years project started in July 2013, with the support of the European Commission and the participation of 28 partners from 14 countries, coordinated by Reverso.

DMT: Donnarumma, Tanaka, Michalakos new trio

DMT is a new trio including Atau Tanaka, Christos Michalakos, and myself. We bring together music synthesis on smartphone, augmented drum kits and feedback, and corporeal biophysical sounds from the Xth Sense for a pulsing visceral session of intense sound wall. To check us out, come join us at Watermans Digital Weekender in London on Saturday 1st November. It's free! How to attend.

Past Events Highlights

TransitioMX : Award and performance
New York Electronic Arts Festival, US : Performance
STEIM Summer PArty, NL : Performance
NIME Conference, Seul, Korea : Performances, paper, demo
Linux Audio Conference, A : Performance
EMPAC, NYC, US : Large-scale Biophysical Dance Performance