Dear friends and colleagues,
Hope to find you well and busy. Here we are with the fourth mailout September 2012.
This message is sent only every 6 months. Thanks for reading.

sincerely yours,
Marco Donnarumma

New Xth Sense project finalist at European Competition for Live Electronic Music

Ominous, a new work for the Xth Sense, my recent biophysical musical instrument, was selected for the finals of the fifth European Competition for Live Electronic Music Performance, during the ISCM World New Music Days 2012, BE. The event is hosted by the ECPNM – European Conference of Promoters of New Music. After the performance on 3 November at De Singel in Antwerp, the winning work will be announced by the jury.

Music for Flesh II, biophysical music at ISEA, New Mexico, US

After the exhibition at Stanford University CCRMA, the USA TOUR this May, and the concert and workshop at FILE in Brazil, Music for Flesh II can be seen in New Mexico during ISEA 2012. The International Symposia on Electronic Art is "the most important academic gathering on electronic art world-wide, bringing together the worlds of art and science in a six-day conference and a season-long exhibition". Performance supported by an Alt-W Award from New Media Scotland.

Biotechnological Performance Practice, a new publication out now

Biological technologies are computational systems driven by physiological and corporeal processes of the body. In this publication I recently curated, the use of biotechnology in music performance is presented through fascinating articles by stakeholders and emerging practitioners, including STELARC, Atau Tanaka, the Biomuse Trio, Andrew Brouse, Miguel Ortiz, and myself, among the others. Published by the Canadian Electroacoustic Community.

Upcoming sonic body concerts in UK, Slovenia, Ireland, Hungary, and Brazil.

The next UK biophysical music performances are scheduled at Noise=Noise, and at the launch of Robots&Avatars, both in London. Other EU concerts includes KIBLA Festival in Maribor, Slovenia; SARC Sonic Arts Research Center in Belfast, Ireland; and Data is Beautiful at the Kitchen medialab, Budapest. A new collaborative performance with Miguel Ortiz and Anna Weisling will be premiered in Rio de Janeiro, with the support of the British Council. See how to attend these events.

Xth Sense biophysical tech schematic released, and user's forum now on-line

The Xth Sense is a biotechnology based on free software and open hardware. Schematics, tutorial, codes, and DIY documentation have been released at the official project's website. Build your own Xth Sense and share your projects, ideas, and questions using our brand new forum. We are now building a larger developer team to deal with hardware implementation, and Max/MSP, Max4Live porting of the Xth Sense software. Devs get in touch if you wish to contribute.

On the press: Reuters, Create Digital Music, and Digicult features.

International press coverage in the past months has been fairly consistent. Get a grip on biophysical music performance, and read some thoughts about biotechnological creative instruments, the sonic body, live computer music performance, and the future of open artistic practice at Reuters, Create Digital Music, and Digicult.

Past Events Highlights

Turing Festival/Music Hack Day : Performance
FILE Hypersonica : Performance and workshop
Body/Controlled, DE : Performance and workshop
Moving Forest, UK : Durational performance
USA Tour : 6 concerts and 2 workshops
BEAM Night Café OTO, UK : Performance