• Marco Donnarumma - Pure Data Workshop - Gotland University, Sweden 2009
  • Marco Donnarumma - Pure Data Sketches 2009
  • Marco Donnarumma - Pure Data Workshop at Music in Touch, Cagliari, Italy 2010
  • Marco Donnarumma - Pure Data Sketches 2009

Live Media and FLOSS

The seminary consists of three parts. First participants acquire a basic theoretical knowledge about Live Media. The introduction is extended through a review of selected audiovisual works in order to explore and analyze the potential of the audiovisual research.
Therefore participants are introduced to the concept of FLOSS (Free/Libre Open Source Software), they familiarize with Pure Data graphical programming environment as they understand its practical and theoretical keystones.
In the second part participants learn the meaning of “real-time audio-video data processing” reviewing the most common idioms. Eventually they deal with the process of an audiovisual performance pre-production using Pure Data: from brainstorming and concept design, through planning of the audiovisual format, to the collection of support materials – such as texts, tutorials – and the drawing of sketches representing the logic structure of data processing.
For the last part the work group is split in smaller groups. Through practical individual exercises participants acquire the technical know-how about the creation/collection of moving images and sonic events within Pure Data, thus they develop an original free software, following three major steps: beta-testing, debug – analysis of errors and its correction – and final testing during a demo live performance.

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The seminary seeks to give the participants who don’t have previous experience in FLOSS and audiovisual performance the needed knowledge and skills to be conversant with the Pure Data environment. The course aims to make participants able to understand and assimilate the diverse passages of the creation process of software ad-hoc in order to independently plan and develop a Live Media project exploiting Pure Data and possibly other FLOSS software.

Past Workshops (Only a selection)

Access Space, Sheffield (UK), January, 2012
NetaudioLX Festival, Cinema S. Jorge, Lisbon (PT), January, 2012
LPM, Live Performers Meeting, Y Gallery, Minsk (Belarus), September, 2011
FAD Festival de Arte Digital, Multi-espaco Oi Futuro, Belo Horizonte (BR), September, 2010
Flussi Festival, Carlo Gesualdo Theater, Avellino (IT), August, 2010
University of London, London (A10Lab UK), July, 2010
Music in Touch, Pierluigi da Palestrina Conservatory, Cagliari (IT), February, 2010